Friday, November 25, 2011

Marine Drive Kochi- Marine drive Ernakulam- The beautiful business and Tourist centre in Ernakulam- Kochi.

Marine Drive Kochi- Marine drive Ernakulam- The beautiful business  and Tourist centre in Ernakulam- Kochi.

Marine Drive is a fast developing business centre in  Kochi (Cochin), Kerala state of India. The Marine Drive is  facing the backwaters of Kochi on the western side of Shanmugham Road . This is one of the most populous tourist attractions of the people coming here. The business centers includes the big GCDA complex to various offices and establishments  such as hotels, cafes, shopping centers of mobile phones, perfumes, handicraft items, textiles and garments, watches, shoes, bags apparels etc.  One of the main attractions is the fast food centers there. The walkway through the marine drive attracts thousands of tourists  coming there to watch the sun set and a walking though the path connecting the Rajendra Maidan  and north of High court jn  will be a fantastic experience.  

On the walk way we can see two bridges one is the famous Rainbow bridge and the other Chinese fishing net bridge.  In the evening the light arrangement  and illumination provided in the Rainbow bridge will be a  beautiful and a fantastic experience to the new comers to the city.   Several tourist operators are providing daily boat trip to in and around Marine drive and trips to Alappuzha Punnamada Kayal. In the evening we can see so many house boats moving in the vembanad kayal with music and illumination.  T

The famous Ernakulam Market is near to the marine drive.  All varieties of vegetables, meat, fish and all food items are available there very cheaply. Broadway is the other main business centre in Kochi very near to Marine drive.  All kind of retails and wholesale shops are situated here. 

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