Kochi at a glance

Kochi - a general Idea.
Kochi is located in the coast of Arabian sea in  the District of Ernakulam, in the Kerala state of India.  Kochi is the commercial capital and the most cosmopolitan city of Kerala, Kochi is also known as the Queen of Arabian Sea.  With one of the finest natural harbors in the world, this was once a major center of commerce and trade with the Arabs, Chinese, Portuguese, Dutch and British. It is a cluster of islands networked by lagoons and backwaters covering an area of  95 SQ. Kms.  Kochi is one of the best  natural harbour in the world.  It is a spectacular city with brimming with history, legends and beauty.  Since time immemorial, Arabs Chinese, Dutch, British and Portuguese had trade relation with Kochi.  The City's rich historical legacy is well exhibited at Fort Kochi which still retains the ambiance of the colonial past.  Here we can visualize an amazing blend of various traditions, and cultures in the ancient temples, churches and Synagogues standing in complete harmony with varying faiths.  Many historical monuments are of special interest to archaeologists and historians.

Kochi has emerged as the commercial and Industrial capital of Kerala and the second most important city on the west cost of India  aftetr Mumbai.  Kochi has a world class port from where ships set sail for foreign ports with different products like sea food, pepper, cardamon,Rubber and Coir.

Kochi- The Geography , Climate & Season
With a close proximity to the sea Kochi experience a tropical climate and whether  is quite pleasant  throughout the year.  Heavy rains are experienced during the month of June, July and August due to the monsoon hitting.  From September to February the climate will be pleasant.  The temperature will be around 20 to 35 Degree Celsius.  From March to June Summer season starts and the temperature rises to a maximum of 40 Degree  celsius.  The best time to visit Kochi is between December to February when the whether is cool and very pleasant.  

Kochi- How to access

By Air:- via Kochi International Airport Nedumpassery which is about 20 Kms away from Kochi.  Kochi city is directly connected to Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Goa, Bangalore and Trivandrum via air.  All majoy domestic airlines have their services to Cochin/Kochi.

By Rail :- Kochi is connected by rail to most of the important cities of India like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Banglore, Calcutta, etc.  Main Railway station is Ernakulam Junction, other stations Ernakulam Town and Kochi Harbour Terminus.

By Road- Kochi is connected by Road with several cities in India, Bangalore, Coimbatore Goa, Chennai, Mysore, Ooty, Bombay etc with private and Public transport services.


The approximate population of Kochi is  about 6,00000 with an extended metropolitan population about 1.5 Million, the largest Uban agglomeration   and the second largest city in Kerala after Trivandrum, the state capital.

History of Kochi.

Formerly known as Cochin, was an important trade centre of spices since the 14the Century.  Ancient travellers and tradesmen described Kochi in their writings.  Kochi was the first European colonial settlement in Indian after the Portuguese occupied in 1503.  Kochi remained the capital of Portuguese  India until 1530, when they opted for Goa as their new capital. The city of Kochi later occupied by the Dutch and British.  After the Indian Independence in 1947 the princely state of Kochi was willingly joined to the Indian Union and became the part of Kerala state.

Now the Kochi has developed a lot and the most developing City in Kerala.  It is a growing centre of Information Technology, Tourism and International trade.  As a commercial hub of Kerala it is the fastest growing metros in India.  Urbanization, traffic congestion and traffic block, air pollution water scarcity and mosquito menace are the  main problem in Kochi.

The Name

There are many theories and suggestions about the name Kochi- One suggests that the name Kochi derived from Malayalam word 'Koch aazhi' means small lagoon, another suggestions is that the word Kochi derived from the Sanskrit word Go Shree which  means prosperous with cows.  Some ancient text referred the city as Balapuri which become Cochin in  due course.  Another opinion is that the  Chinese Ruler Kublai Khan gave the name Kochi.  Another theory is that Kochi derived from the word Kaci- meaning harbor.  As per the Italian explorers Nicolo Conti and Fra Paoline in 15th and 17th century respectively it was called Kochchi.  After the innovation of the Portuguese , Dutch and the British the name Cochin struck as the official appellation.  In 1996 the Government has reverted the anglicized name Cochin to its original Malayalam name Kochi.  However it is widely referred as Cochin.  Therefore the city Corporation has retained its name as Corporation of Cochin.    
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