Saturday, December 10, 2011

Hibi Eden Marriage,Hibi Eden MLA is going to get married- Marriage of Hibi Eden MLA with Anna Linda.

Hibi Eden got married with Anna Linda  today at Kaloor St. Francis Xavier church. Eminent personalities in the filed of politics and Films and  people from all walks of life participated in the function.

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Hibi Eden the State Congress young turk is going to get married with his lover Anna Linda who was a TV anchor.  Anna is the daughter of Shri. Jose and Smt. Jansi of Vazhappilly House in Guuvayur.  Manassammatham is at Puthenpally at Thrissur on January 26.  Marriage ceremony will be held at Kaloor St. Francis Xavier Church on Janaury 30th 2012. 

Anna after completing her studies from IIT Panipat  was working  in the software field and from there she came to the media.

Hibi eden  is the son of Former MP George Eden and he is listed in the good book of Rahul Gandhi.  He is also the NSU President.  Now the youngest MLA of Kerala Assembly Shri. Hibi Eden is also get deleted from the list of Bachelor.  

*' Betrothal ' on  January 26. 2012.

* Wedding ceremony  on Janauary 30 2012

Hibi Eden Anna Linda - Engagement Photos.

Hibi Eden got married to Anna Linda- Hibi Eden Anna linda wedding photos, Hibi Eden Marriage photos

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