Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The vali dity of cheques and drafts will be only for three months from April 1

The vali dity of cheques and drafts will be only for three months from April 1 next year. People will be able to deposit the instrument within three months time. The same rule will be applicable for pay orders and bankers cheque also.
Presently, cheques can be deposited till six months from the date of issuance. Observing the misuse of cheques and drafts, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) issued a circular in this regard to other banks also.
The Centre had informed the apex bank that people were misusing these instruments by circulating them as cash for period of six months.
The RBI also asked banks to ensure that account payee cheques and drafts are only credited to accounts of the person named in the instrument.
Meanwhile, in-order to check the flow of black money, the RBI has issued a notification which mandates that the drafts of more than Rs 20, 000 will be account payee only now. This means, the draft will be deposited in the account of the receiver's account only.
The RBI received several complaints which stated that banking channels were being used for routing black money.

Validity of cheques and drafts 3 months,  Validity of cheque and drafts reduces to 3 months.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Naushad the Big chef of Kochi- Naushad the big chef @ Kochi-Big chef Naushad.

NBC (Naushad the Big Chef restaurant)
Queens Residency
M G Road, Narakathra Road, Opposite Shenoy`s Junction, M G Road, Ernakulam, Kerala 680035, India +91 84 82 365775 ‎
Contact Naushad the Big Chef :
+91 8086995350, 0484 4433110

This BIG story of Naushad the big chef  started small around 50 years back in Thiruvalla. “Those days biriyani was not common in Central Travancore. Kozhikode was known for its biriyani and Kollam too. My father used to have a hotel in Thiruvalla those days. And my mother belongs to Kollam. When they got married, he took an expert biriyani maker from Kollam back home. And…”
Naushad or Naushad Big Chef, as he is better known as, narrates his version of how biriyani came to Central Travancore. He is the man behind a cookery show which has been on for almost seven years now; a catering business; and a budding chain of restaurants, Naushad Big Chef (NBC). Bangalore will get one soon and also one in West Asia. And it all started with his father's catering business, Naushad Catering. The ‘Big' refers to his girth and he is a good sport about it too, “I have always been like this.”
We are at the NBC, Sahodaran Ayappan Road with Naushad. Presiding deity-like, he observes the lunch time crowd in the restaurant, a smile here and a nod there. “When plates are cleared we have the indication of how the food is,” he says with a smile.
He goes on flashback mode. “I was interested in cooking when I was young. Later on, I did a hotel management course from Bangalore and learnt more. For instance, baking or Chinese cuisine or the importance of presentation,” he says. While there he understood the potential of the catering business and “made things more professional at his father's catering business”. With a cookery show on TV that has been on for almost seven years, and a ‘BIG' fan following, a chain of restaurants was inevitable.
Professional he clearly is. Although the menu in the two eateries, the one on SA Road and MG Road, is more or less the same, each caters to a niche clientele. The MG Road NBC lunch buffet is a Central Travancore style ‘meal'. At SA Road, on the other hand, here is no ‘thali' meal because “our customers here are predominantly North Indians. We did a market survey.”
Talk veers to standardisation which is crucial for a chain of restaurants. For instance, his biriyani, which is the current flavour of the town, had better taste the same at both the places. How does he ensure it? “A centralised kitchen. Since the biriyani is ‘dum-cooked', there is a firewood/charcoal stove where it is cooked. It involves a lot of smoke etc. which is not conducive in a restaurant kitchen where other kinds of food is prepared.” Sticking to a brand (or kind) of rice is important because some will not absorb the masala or the cooking time varies.
Since his restaurants serve a lot of seafood and meats, he ensures that he gets the best quality that is available. “We need huge quantities, so our suppliers are happy and they give us the best – be it meat, poultry or seafood.” Seafood by the way is vast at NBC - lobsters, prawn, squid, octopus he reels off. Octopus? “Yes! I'll show you,” he says, we keep it for another time.
He says in full earnest that food is his passion and not just business. The kathi roll joint in Bangalore or the kebabs in Karims in Delhi, or trying out local eateries, he is clearly all about food. It is not just eating; he seems to know his food. “The food typical of Kottayam has a continental influence because of the estates and the ‘Sahibs'. Stew, Fish Moilee etc. are typical examples. In fact, some folks had barbecues grills before people got to know such things existed.” He seems to know what is trending as far as eating out in Kerala goes. ‘Naadan food,' which is why there are some typical dishes on the menu.
Films produced by Naushad the big chef.
It is not all food to Naushad, there is the other ‘addiction' – films. “Blessy and I were classmates right through school and college,” he says. One thing led to another and he produced Blessy's ‘Kazcha' and went on to produce some more films ‘Chattambinaad', ‘Best Actor' and took on distribution rights for ‘Pramaani' which did not augur well for him. He is also producing Lal Jose's ‘Spanish Masala'. Did he have a hand in naming the film? “No! Benny (Nayarambalam) told me ‘I have a name which you will like, ‘Spanish Masala'.” Hope it lives up to the Big Chef's reputation.
The other Reasturarnts of Big chef Naushad :
Naushad Big Chef , Kadavanthra, Kochi- 682019
Naushad Big Chef, MG  Road, Kochi- 682035
Naudhad Big Chef, Pattanakkad, Chethala,
Naushad Big Chef, Bangalore, Koramangala,
Naushad Big Chef, Doha, Quatar,
Naushad Big Chef, Near to Gold Souk, Kochi(coming soon)
Naushad Big Chef , kottayam, Trivandrum, Thiruvalla is also coming soon.
Naushad Big Chef cookery shows:
Naushad’s cookery shows on Kairali TV (Easy cook)  and in Kairali WE (Ala Carete) were very famous.  In these shows he has been introducing new dishes and familiarizing various dishes from different parts of the world. 
Diversification of Naushad Big chef-  Regarding diversification, Naushad the big chef said that he is planning a meat processing unit in Tamil Nadu as mutton, chicken and beef are readily available there. 
Naushad the Big Chef personal life-  Sayed Maheen Aboobaker Alias Naushad, 46, is married to Sheeba from Kayamkulam and couple has a daughter Neshwa , studying in 4th stanadard.

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