Monday, February 6, 2012

Rajastan calling Festival in Kochi from February 10th to 12th 2012- 3days Rajastan Calling Festival at Kochi.- Rajastan Mela in Kochi for 3 days at Girinagar community Hall Kochi.

In order to attract  more tourists from various states in India, the Rajasthan Tourism Department is organising a three day tourism festival in  Kochi from Feb 10th to 12th .
Organised under Rajasthan Tourism domestic tourism promotion campaign 'Rajasthan Calling', the festival will travel to 22 major cities including Kochi, Ludhiana, Dehradun, Surat, Coimbatore, Trivandrum, Mumbai, Kolkata and Ahmedabad. 
The festival aims to give a feel of Rajasthan and facilitate a better understanding about the state and provide complete information and showcase Rajasthan's traditional culture and exquisite range of Rajasthani handicraft products and Rajasthani delicacies in the city, Amongst the major highlight of the festival are live dances and a food court.
"There are stalls put up during the festival where one can choose from handicrafts, woolen shawls from Bikaner, embroidery from Barmer, brass work and blue pottery from Jaipur, terracota from Udaipur and tie and dye from Jaipur, Pali and Jodhpur," said Usha Sharma, the Rajastan Tourism Commissioner and Principal secretary.

There wil be 20 stalls for the handicraft items only.    Visist  Rajastan calling Mela at  Giri Nagar Commumity hall at  Kochi

More about Rajastani Handicraft items.
Rajasthan is known for articles and decorative objects made from locally obtained wood. Each region of Rajasthan has its own unique wood tradition Barmer is well known for carved furniture. Some furniture pieces like tables, low stools etc have miniature paintings on them. Carved wood items such as cabinets, screens, chairs, tables, almirahs, racks etc are highly ornate. Rajasthan is also known for wood figurines in the shape of animals, which are beautified with inlay work. Exquisite jali or latticework is also produced here. Craftsmen of Rajasthan also make delicately carved figures of deities on rosewood and sandalwood .
Rajasthani handicrafts are riches in India. It is quite known for its exquisite handicrafts. Depicting the rich culture & tradition of the state, beautiful handicrafts of Rajasthan keep their exclusivity. Handicraft of Rajasthan is an add-on of attractions of the state. Travellers and tourists love to see and purchase exquisite handicrafts while on Rajasthan tours. Exquisite handicraftsof the state proudly depict the masterpiece creativity of the Rajasthan people .

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