Friday, January 27, 2012

Rolexia Restaurant - Palarivattom, Kochi.

Anybody who has visited Kozhikode for any length of time would be acquainted with the warm hospitality, tasty biriyanis and lip smacking halwa that is an integral part of the Malabar region. Enjoy the same hospitality and taste when you step into Rolexia restaurant situated in Palarivattom, Kochi. The shiny steel exterior leads to an immaculate interior with seating in comfortable chairs and serves authentic Malabari and Arabic cuisine. Owned by Nazar and brother Siraj, it has already attracted a loyal client base without any marketing or advertising gimmicks
Initially started by Nazar’s father forty two years back, it has since evolved into a restaurant that offers the most variety of mutton dishes numbering around fifteen of which seven are available every day like the Mutton varavu or the mutton with dal, the recipes of which are prepared by Nazar himself. Pathiris are what sell the most here with varieties like the Moodhi patthiri (thin dosa like), kadai patthiri (made of coconut and onion), kakka patthiri as well as the thenga patthiris being favorites. Next on the list are a variety of biriyanis served with raitha, coconut chutney and vegetable or dates pickle. Another exotic dish is the Mathi kurumullakkuitichatu which is Malabari favorite done in thick gravy and priced very reasonably. Another favorite is the Puzhangaloroti Fish or prawns that are a full meal in itself.

The smell of mutton and chicken prepared in Arabic versions invade the nose and arouse hunger pangs. Take your pick from riyash (grilled Mutton Ribs), Arabian grilled fish, Chicken alfahm (charcoal grilled chicken), the machboos chicken or fish or the arayes (meat stuffed khubs). These are all the recipes of Mymoonath, Nazar’s wife who was in the Gulf for some time. She says, “The ingredients are all sourced from the Gulf and are authentic.”
A variety of Arabic salads like the tabouleh and fathoosh are very popular among visitors. Connoisseurs of Malabari snacks like the muttamala or the Sri Lankan dessert vattalappam can enjoy the authentic tastes along with health desserts like the Ragi pudding. The d├ęcor and design of the interiors have been done by Nazar himself who is planning to introduce more varieties of tea and juices in the coming months.

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