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Thevara Ernakulam- Thevara Kochi- all about Thevara.

Thevara ( തേവര) is a part  in  the Kochi city. in the State of Kerala, India.. Geographically, Thevara is part of the mainland  Kochi  (known as Ernakulam), and marks its south-west boundary. It is connected to the water-bound West Kochi (or Old Kochi) via bridges.
Thevara is noted especially for being home for the Cochin Shipyard. The region where the Shipyard is situated now is called Old Thevara, while the present Thevara was built as a colony to rehabilitate the people from Old Thevara for the construction of the Shipyard.
Notable institutions in Thevara are The Sacred Heart College also known as Thevara Collegeand schools such as St.Thomas Girls H.S.S,St.Mary's U.P school.Many churches are situated here. . Thevara is a link to Thevara Ferry which links the place to other areas of Ernakulam city via waterway. The major artery of Ernakulam city starts from Kacheripady and ends at Thevara Junction. The western part of the city is connected to Ernakulam city by bridges of Mattancherry and Thoppumpady bridges. The Cochin Port Trust and Naval Baseand the Navy's airport are very close to Thevara. The Cochin Harbour Terminus, railway station, is close to this place.This is currently not functional because of the charge imposed by the Port trust on Railways to use the place. While the traffic to the western part has increased, new bridges are being built to ease the traffic problems.

Thevara is the first residential area one would come across after crossing over the Venduruthy Bridge to enter Ernakulam, in Kochi. It is a quiet waterfront locale, about 2.5 km from the commercial center of M G Road and South Railway Station. Sacred Hearts College is a major landmark of Thevara. Kochi Harbor, Mattancherry Palace and Fort Kochi are some interesting places around. The only gurdwara in the state, Kochi Gurdwara, is situated at Perumanoor, near Thevara. Veda Nilayam is an ayurvedic treatment center located at Thevara.
Cochin International Airport is 33 km to the north-east. Ernakulam Central Bus Station is about 3 km from Thevara. The road via Kundannoor is an easy access to Cochin bypass. Thevara Post office is situated close to Thevara secred Heart College.  Very near to the Post office t is the Postal Staff Quarters.  About 100 families of P&T Department are residing here.  
Pincode of Thevara Post office is - 682013, Telephone number of  Post office Thevara is- 
The main places in Thevara.
Thevara Junction, Thevara Ferry, Thevara - Perumannur, Thevara Mammanjimukku, Thevara Konthuruthy, Thevara college, Thevara P&T Quarters, Thevara Mattammal. 

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