Saturday, October 29, 2011

Meesappulimala in Munnar- A place to adventurous trekking .

The mountainous terrain of Kerala provides enthralling trekking routes. Adventurous souls could not ask for anything better than camping much above the tree line, secluded from the rest of the world, cuddled in nature's lap.
Meesappulimala in Munnar is a destination for the highly adventurous. Ideal for trekking, one does not have to be exceptionally fit to climb up the peak. Of course, if you have the willpower to put in your best effort, reaching the summit would not be a Herculean task.

Lucky trekkers get a chance to come across elephants, gaur (Indian Bison) and Nilgiri tahrs in their natural habitat. Thick shrubs closely envelop the plateau. The crisscrossing streams makes the trip all the more luring. The brooks form a spectacular view from the hilltop. The trek also offers an opportunity for the daring travelers to camp at an altitude of 7,000 feet from the sea level.

One need to cross seven hills and traverse many wild brooks, before reaching Meesappulimala. The sight of Meesappulimala after crossing the seventh hill, resembles the face of a tiger. The sight from the top of Meesapulimala is worth the effort taken to climb it. You cannot get anymore close to the drifting clouds.

Since the rocky hillock is situated at the Tamil Nadu border, one also gets a bird's eye view of Kodaikanal hills and Yellapatti village far below. However, the view is blocked on days of heavy mist.

The descend too is a steep one. One need to be extremely careful as mist is likely to restrict the view to about fifteen meters. If you happen to climb down in the evening, an encounter with elephants is also likely. Meesappulimala is one such place that lives up to the wanderlust expectations of a trekker, who loves to take the less trodden roads.

How to reach 

To reach Munnar, you need to fly to Nedumbassery and then take the road to Munnar. If by train, Ernakulam is the nearest railway station.

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